Saturday, October 1, 2011

National Post caves to radical sex-ed agenda

Further to this post about an ad objecting to the TDSB's radical sex-ed for JK to Grade 3, there's disappointing (to put it mildly) news that the National Post has apologized for placing the ad (and worse).

Kathy Shaidle puts it a lot less mildly.


Anonymous said...

Calling it radical does not make it so. You guys call everything that is not Repblican...radical.

JR said...

Anything that goes far, far beyond traditional norms is "radical".

"Republican"? Don't be a dolt.

Aain said...

Not only is it radical, it is pure social engineering. Frankly when the public school system is failing to teach reading, writing and math, there is no justification for all the special interest groups' propaganda being imposed on students, be the greens or the radical homosexual lobby. Furthermore, the school is not the place for sex education of any type; that for the parents.

JR said...

Parents indeed. That may be the most radical notion being pushed here - parents shouldn't have a say.