Monday, October 3, 2011

Ontario's radical sex-indoctrination controversy

At Blazing Cat Fur:
This flyer is being circulated in Brampton and attacks the unsavoury Gay Agenda being foisted on children by the McGuinty government. ...
... I have no idea what the local Brampton school board has to say on the issue of "Heterosexism" and neither does the Jackal or the people behind this flyer. Both refer to a Toronto District School Board  Document "Challenging Heterosexism & Homophobia A K-12 curriculum resource guide".
... [Quote from a radical "Queer" web journal]: "I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT."
People have for years been raising the alarm about the over-sexualization of children.  This TDSB (and Ontario government) led agenda of indoctrination appears bent on their hyper-sexualization.  You'd think that the official "education" rats-nest had been massively infiltrated by the likes of NAMBLA.

And just what-the-hell is "heterosexism". Oh, I know - it's the sex-indoc equivalent of "white male".



Ted Betts said...

Maybe sex education in school has gone too far; maybe it hasn't.

The problem with this post, and with the desperatation hail mary that is that brochure, is that it is based almost entirely on lies and falsehoods. The brochure is making up quotations to make a point. Complete fabrications. At other times, it claims quotations by "CTV" when in fact it was merely CTV quoting Hudak. It also attacks some parts of the elementary school curriculum that Hudak and Harris brought in when they were in government.

More fact checking here and here.

Lying in the dying hours of an election, leaving little chance for a proper factual correction, and then avoiding responding to questions by journalists (as Hudak did) is the lowest form of campaign and smacks of utter and complete desperation from an utter and complete train wreck of a campaign.

The only question left is: who will be running for PCO leader when Hudak is forced to resign after this disaster?

Alain said...

Sorry Ted but sex education should not even be in the public school system; that is the jurisdiction of the parents.

Ted Betts said...

Sorry Alain, but that is not what we are discussing.

Even Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario doesn't believe sex education should be taken out of the classroom. So you are very much on your own there as far as having any support from any of the parties on that viewpoint.

And a good thing too.

It has been proven over and over and over again that nothing reduces unwanted teen pregnancy and health like education in the classroom.

But to the point of this discussion, Hudak is outright, deliberately lying to you, publishing complete and utter fabrications, in order to get you and people like you to think that he supports the same thing that you do. It is deceptive and manipulative.

First it was lying about "foreign workers". Now it is lying about sex eduction.

It is the sign of a very very desperate and dispicable campaign that has run on nothing but negative ads and division.

JR said...

Ted, Your comments come across mostly as plain old partisan whinging. So a flyer on an extremely controversial subject during an election campaign is "misleading". Who knew? Are you going to now try to convince us that McGuinty's campaign has been meticulously honest (even though Warren Kinsella is part of his war room and McGuinty's record of honesty is poor at best). Please!

And that flyer, whatever its inaccuracies, is mild compared to the actual, radical sex indoctrination program as published in the TDSB "Curriculum Resource Guide". And one of the main issues in all of this is parental control over what their kids are being taught.

With all the social engineering going on in today's classrooms it's little wonder that kids come out the other end not knowing how to do the basic things once thought to be the schools' raison d'etre.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need the Muslim Community to complain about the sex-ed in their childrens classrooms. Then something would be done and the Media would go silent

Ted Betts said...

"So a flyer on an extremely controversial subject during an election campaign is "misleading".

Misleading? No. Outright manipulative and deliberate lie? Yes. From someone who wants to be our Premier no less.

Look. It's pretty simple.

Hudak makes several clear factual claims. They are false. Lies. For example, no where does the TDSB document say anything, one way or another, anything about cross-dressing six year olds. It is 100% a complete fabrication. The document does not say that schools should have pride parades. Another fabrication. Etc.

This is a TDSB document, not a McGuinty document. So it is "misleading" of Hudak to claim this is McGuinty's policy. That is the kind of politician's "lie" that we have grown immune to as you suggest.

But to outright lie about something so "controversial" as you claim on the eve of the election with no chance to properly refute it? That is low ball Hudak style politicking.

That's why he doesn't even get the endorsement of the Toronto Sun of all papers. And why he won't get the endorsement of Ontario voters tomorrow. He's just too out of step.

Anonymous said...

Hate to admit it but, TB is right.
Hudak is in panic mode right now, and, considering what McGuinty's done to this province and will continue to do its remarkable how he's blown it. Ontario spends 15 billion more a year then it takes in, the province is 200 billion in debt, and, will probably be close to 300 billion when McGuinty is done, its a debt that can never be paid, and, somehow its a close race? Whats ironic is, the people who are going to pay the final tab on all of this are the Unions and Union Pensions, at 55% of the Ontario budget and over the next decade 60%, only a fool would think that they would never be touched. Hudak's problem was and is, he didnt want to be the bad guy and speak the truth about Ontario's future and just what a complete mess McGuinty has made of this province. Unless debt doesnt matter then dont whine and bitch when another Mike Harris is required to fix this mess.

Blame Crash said...

This is just another example of how are society is rotting from the head down. The universities, the government and the media were infected with this toxic perversion long ago and now this poison is being injected into the blood stream of our children. The legalization of pedophilia is the next thing to be normalized.

Then we have those who just want to turn our attention away from this cultural sickness by spewing their white noise about Hudak. What a bunch of amateurs.

Our society’s upcoming financial bankruptcy is the direct result of our society’s moral bankruptcy. They go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

My Dads think Hudak is hot but I can't look past his fear, the negativity of his campaign, the long dark shadow of Mike Harris and his insistence on dividing sections of the population against each other.

JR said...

Ted said: Misleading? No. Outright manipulative and deliberate lie?

Come on Ted! That link you provided (the flyer fact-check) said it was "misleading" on most counts, accurate on one. And the "misleading" verdicts are all debatable to some degree, as illustrated immediately below.

You said: For example, no where does the TDSB document say anything, one way or another, anything about cross-dressing six year olds. It is 100% a complete fabrication.

Bollocks. The fact-check on that line confirms the essence of the flyer's point (albeit from elsewhere in the Guide) then says the flyer is "misleading". Not really. Wrong page number, maybe.

You said: The document does not say that schools should have pride parades.

Yes it does, on page 56, just like the flyer says, in the section for JK - Grade 3:
Quote[14. One idea students could come up with is to make posters for the TDSB float and/or school bus that are in the Pride Parade. Additionally, students could have their own Pride Parade in their school and invite the local media as well as representatives from Pride Toronto or other]Unquote

One of the chief concerns of everyone who objects to this curriculum is the age inappropriateness of the material. Do you really think that the Toronto Gay Pride Parade is suitable for 5 to 8 year-old children? Have you been to the parade? Was that you in the black leather, nearly bare-assed, short-shorts with the revealin cod-piece, menacing the crowd with your dominatrix whip?

You said: This is a TDSB document, not a McGuinty document. So it is "misleading" of Hudak to claim this is McGuinty's policy.

Nope. According to the Ontario Ministry of Education, "The Minister is .. responsible for: developing curriculum; setting policies and guidelines for school trustees, directors of education, principals and other school board officials; ...

Verdict. Ted is spinning, misleading and perhaps lying while trying to deflect attention from the real issue that people are concerned about here - the radical sex indoctrination agenda being implemented in Ontario's (if not the country's) largest school district. And it's not as if this isn't happening elsewhere in the country. Ring the alarm bells! Parents, WAKE UP!

Ted Betts said...

Sorry, JR. But a deliberate falsehood is not misleading. It is a lie.

The flyer says, and I quote, "actual parts of the 2011 k-12 curriculum".

Problem is, most of it is not "actual parts of the 2011 k-12 curriculum". It's a fabrication. A lie.

But don't take my word for it. Take the word of conservative CFRB radio host Jim Richards, definitely not one to cater to the politically correct crowd:

“If you believe that this is the curriculum, you’re too stupid for me to vote for you. You are absolutely too stupid for me to vote for you. You know that that’s not the curriculum; You know that that is not the curriculum. How am I supposed to vote for someone that is that dumb? How am I supposed to vote for someone who is that stupid? You want to run this province? And you’re that much of an ignoramus?”


Ted Betts said...

Or if that is not enough for you JR, check out this interview of Hudak from this morning in which he is challenged on the fact that none of this is actually in the curriculum as claimed. Listen to Hudak squirm and avoid and not answer the question.

And he accepts ownership and responsibility for this outrageous lying flyer. Which makes him an outrageous liar too.

JR said...

"... none of this is actually in the curriculum ..."
This is an obfuscation. The official Ontario curriculum may not have those specific wordings. They are, however, contained in the TDSB currilculum guide which is the TDSB's radical, detailed interpretation of how to implement the Ontario curriculum in its schools.

And you keep pointing to controversy surrounding the flyer. That's all a red herring. You just need to read the TDSB document. What's there is enough to make any NAMBLA pervert smile.

Ted Betts said...

Sorry, I don't accept your smoke and mirrors, JR.

The flyer, sent out by the Hudak team, says certain things are actually in the curriculum. They are not. Period. It's why Hudak runs from the questions about the flyer. It's why other candidates have run from reporters who even ask the question.

The "document" doesn't even contain the statements it purports to contain. Nowhere, for example, does anyone or any document suggest cross-dressing for 6 year olds as claimed (and certainly not on "page 19" as the flyer promises). Nowhere, for example, does anyone or any document suggest a kissing booths.

But the focus on the "document" itself is the obfuscation because this "document" is not the basis for any government policy or any school curriculum.

The flyer lies. Hudak lies.

That, probably more than anything, is why conservatives all over the place are heaping piles of crap all over Hudak and his campaign.

That, probably more than anything, is why tomorrow night we'll have another Liberal majority government.