Saturday, April 7, 2012

Barbara Kay with Jerry Agar on "fourth-trimester abortion"



john said...

Kay - "Judges have a soft spot for women in distress".

Umm .... noooooo judges have a dislike for any opinion that a regular person on the street with a family, home, & job might have. If a regular Canadian supports sending a women to jail for trying to kill a baby then you can bet the judges will take the polar opposite opinion simply because they can't imagine that the opinions of the filthy, uneducated masses might have any validity.

We need to change two things about the judiciary.

1) Term limits for judges. To keep these activist, elitists dictators on the bench forever is insane.

2) A judicial confirmation process and PERIODIC REVIEW PROCESS that encourages public participation and subjects judges to enough scrutiny that potential judges will be very reluctant to pursue activism.

john said...

Is it too late for Barbara Kay to abort her columnist son Johnathan Kay?

Bec said...

Judges NEED to be elected, not appointed and it should take more than a federal election cycle to do it. WE have no idea the ideology of these people and deserve to know.

A case such as this however is going to be complicated and when it comes to females giving birth, yikes. The drama, the hormones, the, the, the's will never end.

When we live in a society that has embraced a terrorist as a 'child soldier', never speaks out against Sharia abuses, coddles abusers, thinks tent dwelling radicals are we really expect these same people to convict appropriately?

Let's not hold our breath, we'll die trying.
In the meantime, others do under these justice imitator's eyes.

JR said...

And certain "ethics" professors also might want to consider another profession.

Anonymous said...

Abortion on demand means less child support for the mistresses from the "progressive" males.

That's the way the Liberals like it. It is still a wealthy, white, male run organization.