Friday, April 13, 2012

Class warfare

Peter Foster:
... Economically challenged populism is on the march and President Barack Obama is demonizing the rich, with the help of the super rich, notably his buddy Warren Buffett. This all comes within the context of renewed hand wringing  about “inequality,” which raised its envious head this week north of the border, where a poll claimed that most Canadians favoured soaking the wealthy.
... This week, a poll carried out for the Broadbent Institute, a new left-wing Canadian emotion tank, declared that 71% of Canadians fret about inequality, while more than three-quarters want heavier taxation of the rich. According to an introduction on the website of the new institute, named for the former federal NDP leader and perennial class warrior, Mr. Broadbent avers that “For some time now, Canadians have been told that citizenship means no more than individuals pursuing their own self-interest.” He quotes no source for this nonsensical assertion, but then lefties get most of their moralistic highs from tilting at windmills.


janet said...

In another survey 100% of canadians want to be wealthy and then decide how to make every else one wealthy too. Saw this poll on several US websites but could not find link to poll. Thanks for clearing up the source ,now it makes sense.

JR said...

And in yet another poll Canadians were asked whether they favoured or opposed paying higher taxes to fund wasteful government boondoggles and bigger civil service pay and pension packages.

Over 85% were strongly opposed, 5% were somewhat opposed and 10% were strongly or somewhat in favour.

(Note: It is estimated that about 10% of respondents were civil servants.)

Anonymous said...

The class warfare is Obama's most effective political tool at this time. The so-called Buffet inspired rules would be almost as valuable as a needle in a haystack unfortunately.

If the wealth tax was increased from 26 to 30% for people earning over $1 Million each year, the treasury could raise an additional $5B annually or $25B over 5 years.

With current spending levels, in 5 years the US deficit will be at sci-fi levels of $45 Trillion!!

So increasing the wealth tax will raise an additional $25 Billion which is a whopping one tenth of 1% of the $45 Trillion deficit.

People need real leaders right now.