Sunday, April 22, 2012

Matt Damon's respect for and appreciation of George W. Bush

Matt Damon just loves what George W. Bush did for AIDS relief
... He did PEPFAR (... the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) ...

And to show his respect and appreciation, Damon says:
"I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth ... Three seconds. No tongue."
Har, har - I'm sure GWB feels the love.  A typical Hollywood leftist nitwit, Damon can't compliment a conservative without throwing in an insulting gesture.  I hate to think what he'd say he wanted to do if he were really, really ecstatic about something Bush did.  Sodomy comes to mind.

Damon goes on:
... I just had a sense of national pride going around, talking to these [African] people, and they were so happy, they would say, "America," and I was saying, "Yeah, our president did that, and it's terrific." It's such an obvious connected thing. People aren't going to hate you when you're saving their lives. [Sure, it's all about you, Matt.] ...

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Anonymous said...

He might try, but I bet he'd come to in a hospital.