Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eco-indoctrination (teachers abusing school children)

A proud parent beams as her child declares: "Sometimes I wish [humans] didn't exist".


5 comments: to the radio said...

I knew when my kids first entered elementary school that they would get exposed to greenwashing.
I told them that it was coming and to let me know when it happened so I could tell them the truth.
So far, it's working.
A few more years and I hope we'll have withstood the assault.
They already know I'm not paying for any worthless degrees should they choose to go further than high school.
Fingers crossed.

JR said...

Good stuff. I hope your attitude is typical. I listened to a Vancouver talk-radio call-in show this morning about the school system. Most, if not all, callers complained loudly about their kids being exposed to politically loaded indoctrination. That's both bad news (indoctrination is rampant) and good news (there's lots of resistance to it).

Concerned about our future said...

If all human life ceased to 50 years all life would thrive.
If all insects ceased to 50 years all life would die.
Unfortunately she is correct. At no point was she condemning human's a statement of fact as uncomfortable as it is to hear that.

OMMAG said...

Malthusian propaganda at work ... I think her parents and teachers should do the right thing and remove their sorry asses from the planet.

JR said...

concerned: "At no point was she condemning human life".

Really! She said she had been taught that humans were responsible for pollution and the harm it does to other life on the planet and because of this she wished humans didn't exist.

If that last bit isn't an expression of profound condemnation of humanity I don't what is. The eco-extremists (this girl's teachers included) who inspire this obscene anti-human death cult thinking are being grossly irresponsible.

Given your first statement you appear to be a victim of (and perhaps now a perpetrator) of the same perverted indoctrination.

When the first solution to pollution problems that pops to mind is the extinction of your own species (the epitome of creation or, if you prefer, evolution) something is horribly wrong. "Eco-tyranny" is a good name for it.