Saturday, April 7, 2012

James "Wacky" Hansen goes further off the rails

Anthony Watts catches up with climate hysteric James Hansen:
Prof Jim Hansen: 'We’re handing future generations a climate system which is potentially out of their control'
Like it was, or ever will be, in our control.


Alain said...

Ah, the myth that man can control the climate/climate system strikes again. This has become equivalent to a religious belief, even religious dogma for these nutters. I wouldn't mind if they kept their religion to themselves, but I strongly object to trying to impose it on everyone else.

Bec said...

They are zeolots, radicals...and they exist in every generation.

The frightening reality is that the stripes and causes can change and it's only when an entire region, nation, world? is SUCKED in, is the reality of the damage recognized.

I truly hope there are enough free thinking people out there to combat and challenge these robots for each generation. When powerful people, aka leaders and policy makers become koolaid drinkers to the detriment of their populations, nations become say.... Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hansen has always been one of more radical elements in the climate scam. He has grabbed ahold of every cockeyed idea that came down the pike. As his phantasy world crumbles around him he reaches for ever-more bizzare theories so as to keep his lecture fees high when speaking to the believers.

JR said...

And yet Hansen keeps his senior position with NASA and is given "prestigious" awards and honours. Climate alarmism may be on the wane but it's still widely endorsed. I wonder if I'll live to see the end of it.