Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrate diversity - everybody wear pink

Mark Steyn:
... Canada’s GSA is the Gay-Straight Alliance. The GSA is all over the GTA (the Gayer Toronto Area), but in a few remote upcountry redoubts north of Timmins intolerant knuckle-dragging fundamentalist school boards declined to get with the beat. So the Ontario Government has determined to afflict them with the “Accepting Schools Act.”
... when you can’t deal with a problem, the easiest option is to institutionalize it. Thus, today is the Day of Pink, “the international day against bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia.” ...

... Nothing says “celebrate diversity” like forcing everyone to dress exactly the same, like a bunch of Maoists who threw their workers’ garb in the washer but forgot to take the red flag out.

... Like the country song says, “I Was Pink Shirt When Pink Shirt Wasn’t Cool — Er, Mandatory.” ... when the state is committed to coercing a ruthless conformity, that’s the time to show that a flickering flame of the contrarian, iconoclastic spirit still flickers in the Canadian schoolhouse. You may get bullied for not wearing pink on the Day of Pink, but you’ll feel better for it.


Anonymous said...

Canada is a multicultural and diverse nation. Canada was built on immigrants. What we have today was given to us by our forefathers who were: immigrants. So why all the hatred towards a multicultural and diverse society. We live in a country that offers freedom of choice, religion and association. Sexual diversity is not about being gay or lesbian it’s about choice, freedom to choose love how you see fit. Love is love and freedom to choose is our right! That’s what children today in schools should be taught.
Don't be so scared of love!

Anonymous said...

Why then should we be forced to "love" by govt coercion. It is my right as a human being to dislike anyone I want. It is also my right to have my child educated the way I want. The multi-culti crowd are nothing more than intolerant conformists who despise other people's freedom of choice.


john said...

Aaaaawwwwww, don't be scared of love.

Sniff, blubber, how beautiful,

don't be scared of daffodils, rainbows, unicorns or golden retriever puppies either.

SCARED has nothing to do with it you twit.

Having overt favoritism to a specific group (gays & lesbians) has EVERYTHING to do with it.

I'm not wearing pink. I don't like pink and I don't feel like being pushed into being one of your walking propoganda billboards.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I attended a high school where the new principal decided he was going to spruce up our usual school wear which mainly consisted of blue jeans, tee shirts, and, as they were known in the pre-politically correct days, fruit boots. He sent home a missive informing our parents that we would be expected to come to school in proper dress pants and shirt. (The girls also came in for their share of fashion corrwectness.)
My mother, who could have afforded to sent me to school in a Saville Row three piecer, sent back a note inquiring as to how the school board would be paying for these required duds. In her words: "That'll be the day when some twerp of a principal tells me how to dress my kids." Unlike the idiot principal, she understood that high school boys sometimes paly a little football, or baseball, or other activiities that destroyed non-jean clothing. But then, she didn't have to fight against a collectivist, politically correct, intrusive government that continues to stick its nose into everyone's business.

JR said...

“Canada is a multicultural and diverse nation. Canada was built on immigrants. ...
So why all the hatred towards a multicultural and diverse society.

What “hatred”? The only hatred I have is towards left-lib idiots who promote official, government enforced multicultural policy that serves mainly to divide and ghettoize citizens. If government is going to fund anything it should be ONLY to promote unity and a culture and values that all Canadians can identify with. Newcomers are perfectly free, as they always have been, to celebrate and promote their own ethnic cultures on their own dime and time.

And we don’t need government programs to promote and enforce “diversity” especially when the enforced diversity results in the opposite - annoying, mind-numbing conformity.

Anonymous said...

I bet all of you good folk voted for Harper’s liberals! Let’s see maintaining liberal status quo gay marriage, Muslim prayer in Toronto public school, Harper’s failure to support Israel against Iran (so much for his “shoulder-to-shoulder” speech), maintaining status quo on liberal abortion policies, 26 billion dollar a year immigration policy, maintaining liberal status quo regarding section 15 affirmative action of the charter and the Employment Equity Act, Making Quebec a “Nation within a Nation”, maintaining liberal status quo regarding capital punishment man it goes on and on! In a nutshell: Harper is just as liberal as the liberals and he fooled and still fools all of you fools!

JR said...

Anon (April 12, 2012 8:11:00 PM PDT)

If you think those are negatives, just imagine how bad it would be under a Liberal or (gasp) NDP government!

billydunn said...
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billydunn said...

Gee nice com back there JR @ anonymous! I’m kinda disappointed considering you claim to be a fan of Steyn, Levant and Coulter. What size pink sweater you wear? I bet the same size as Harper! Maybe you’ll borrow his when he’s done with it….happy diverse day ya’ll…..

Concerned about our Future said...

Sorry Annonymous #2 it is NOT your right to dislike anyone because they belong to a certain group. It is NOT okay to attack women because they are women, it is NOT okay to attack black men because they are black, it is NOT okay to attack Christians because they are Cristian and it is NOT okay to attack the LBGT community because of their sexuality.