Monday, April 9, 2012

Al Gore and Keith Olbermann - liberalism as a mental disorder

Via WUWT come hilarious email exchanges between Al Gore and Keith Olbermann on the way to Olbermann being fired from Gore's 'Current TV'.  They both come off as narcissistic megalomaniacs (certifiably NUTS!).

If the emails are genuine, that Al Gore came within a whisker of becoming POTUS is beyond scary.

Update:   OK, that exchange was straight satire.  I missed the "DC Satire" label at the bottom of the Daily Caller post.  Oops!


Anonymous said...

They aren't real. It is a Joke. Go back to WUWT and read it a bit closer.

Anonymous said...

No worries. The problem is that it was totally beleiveable.

JR said...

True. Just because the piece was satire doesn't mean Gore and Olbermann aren't nuts.