Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Apocalyptic Daze - secular elites prophesy a doomsday

Pascal Bruckner’s article in City Journal:
Horseman of the Apocalypse
... so many people in both Europe and the United States have recently convinced themselves that the End is nigh.
... Earth will be uninhabitable, natural disasters will multiply, the climate will bring us to war, and nuclear plants will explode ...
... My point is not to minimize the dangers that we face. Rather, it is to understand why apocalyptic fear has gripped so many of our leaders, scientists, and intellectuals, who insist on reasoning and arguing as though they were following the scripts of mediocre Hollywood disaster movies.
... Environmentalism has become a global ideology that covers all of existence—not merely modes of production but ways of life as well. We rediscover in it the whole range of Marxist rhetoric, now applied to the environment ...
An excellent piece. More on Pascal Bruckner from Robert Fulford.



Jen said...

All we need and should to do is pray. Pray that God will help us through the most difficult tasks we are going to face.

God alone has all the answers facing our nations.
Read the Book of Revelation which I have to admit scares the life out of me than some fly by night environmentalist who has no clue to its 'true' meaning far less follow it.

Whatever faces our nations the same scare mongers are 'going' to face it as well; there is no place on the earth to hide.

Alain said...

Being old enough to have lived through numerous doomsday predictions (can't even recall how many) that never materialised, I am unwilling to take the bait. I also admit that every time one pops up, due to experience I smell a scam. Somewhere someone, or several someones, is ready to rake in the cash.

JR said...

Unfortunately for us our governments, at all levels, have taken the bait in a big way (or are at least acting as if they have) and are busy shoving it down our throats.