Friday, May 11, 2012

Stelmach to Smith: "You should have lied"

Ed Stelmach says Wildrose sealed its fate with climate-change doubts:

Danielle Smith’s position on climate change — not allegations of bigotry in the Wildrose party — killed her chance to end the Progressive Conservative dynasty, says former Tory premier Ed Stelmach.
... “These are serious matters,” he told reporters ...  “You’re going to go to Europe today and tell them you don’t believe in climate change? And you are going to sell them oil?” ...
First, all Danielle Smith said was that the science wasn't settled and would be monitored. 
Second, it's unlikely that many Albertans who were sold on AGW were going to vote Wildrose anyway.


Sean M said...

So, according to Fast Eddie, the way to get elected is to lie, or at least pander to the lie. What a maroon!

Russ said...

Pretty sure it was the massive amounts of Eastern Canadian Migrants who brought their destructive voting patterns with them......

The smart ones left the east in the 70's and 80's so now the slow ones finally caught on.

Anonymous said...

Canada (or at least those provinces with hydrocarbon industries) will have no problem selling our oil to whoever wants it, the E.U. and global warming be damned. Stelmach can go to hell. There's nothing we can do about "climate change" except adapt. We're not causing it and we can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

I'm geting tired of hearing how Smith lost the election because of homophobic comments by one candidate.

This is complete B.S. Are we now supposed to make EVERY election a referendum on gay rights? Does one minority now control the message & debate in evey election?

As far as this garbage about Smith's position on climate change, if the voters in Alberta are stupid enough to refuse to defend thier primary domestic industry then they deserve to lose it.

Please note - I said "the voters in Alberta" not ALBERTANS.

Just because some unemployed asshole drops in and rooms with his buddy for three months in a basement suite in Edmonton doesn't make him an Albertan. Let him go back to Toronto & vote Liberal.