Monday, May 7, 2012

Blazing Cat Fur outs Islamic anti-semitism in Toronto high school

For nearly a week now, Blazing Cat Fur has been busy working a story about anti-semitic material being taught in an Islamic Madrassah operating from a Toronto high school:
Note the TDSB connection - the anti-semitic East End Madrassah is run from David & Mary Thompson Collegiate.
The East End Madrasah and the Centre Madrasah are affiliated with the David Duke loving Islamonazis of CASMO the favoured Muslims of Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall and Dalton McGuinty's Liberal Party.
This week the National Post caught up with the story (with no credit to BCF, the petty weasels).

Update: Jonathan Kay writes a dopey piece defending the East End Madrassah.  Blazing Cat Fur responds in the comments.

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