Friday, May 11, 2012

Vancouver credit union caters to eco-loons and other flakes

Vancity may divest from Enbridge over pipeline:
A famously ethical Vancouver credit union may pull millions of dollars out of Enbridge over concerns raised by its members surrounding the Northern Gateway pipeline project.
...Vancity CEO Tamara Vrooman ... "We really think that there are risks that are being pointed out by our members, by First Nations, by the public, by people in the community ...
... The divestment might not mean much to Enbridge – the energy giant's pipeline project alone carries an estimated $5.5-billion price tag – but could satisfy Vancity members who hold its ethical investment guidelines dear.
Vancity is also backing an urban farm in downtown Vancouver:

... a two-acre urban farm ... the largest city farm attempted in Vancouver ... will be tended mostly by residents of the Downtown Eastside.
... funded by the Radcliffe Foundation, which donated $475,000, and a grant from Vancity.
... the boxes will be brimming with artisan varieties of strawberries, melons, baby carrots, spinach, salad greens, daikon, radishes and other trendy, value-added edibles.
I'm sure they mean well (don't all of the "famously ethical"?), but these efforts seem more than just a tad flaky.

Update: On today's (May 11th) Vancouver Sun front page


Pissedoff said...

What do you expect when you have a lefty flaky mayor supported by foreign money to shut down the pipeline.

Hollyhock said...

If Vancouver was a band, it would be

Mayor Moonbeam and the Eco Nutters.

climatecriminal said...

how do these absolute morons think thier credit union building was made; from trucks carrying material from heavy equipment getting the material in the first place etc etc. If these stupid people really had environmental ethics like they say, they would all be living in communes (zero co2 emissions ofcourse), but since they aren't the only possible conclusion is that they, much like all leftist ideologues, are frauds

JR said...

I'm thinking that Vancity's clientele is made up largely of Mayor Moonbeam's voters - hippies, well-heeled potheads and assorted eco-flakes.

And being on some of the most expensive real estate in the country that "urban farm" and it's "artisan varieties" of produce couldn't exist without massive subsidies.

Patsplace said...

Subsidized to the point that they will cause hardship to do legitimate market gardens.

JR said...

True, Pat. Clueless "well-intentioned" dreamers often do more harm than good.