Monday, May 28, 2012

Tarek Fatah is "a breath of fresh air"

Tarek Fatah warns Glenn Beck about Islamists in the Obama administration

[Via Lilley's Pad]


Anonymous said...

Uhmmm… this supposed to be like some kind of news story or breaking headline???? Like uhhhhhh this crap is olddddddddd news! Canada will NEVER wake up! Waste of time!!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz

Go celebrate multiculturalism and affirmative action (opps I mean employment equity) somewhere! We have a labour shortage so we need to bring in immigrants from Islamic nations to fill the work void. Life is great. Let’s sit around the camp fire and sing kumbaya!

It'll all be fine!

Anonymous said...

it will all be fine until muslims reach critical mass. not sure what percentage of the population that will be but we will reach it. then we will have problems that the left had never dreamed of.

Xanthippa said...

great video - thanks