Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ezra greets IdleNoMore's pathetic anti-Sun protest

The mob looked and sounded like it was recruited from the "movement's" (or just the street's) most pathetic denizens.  Trying to conduct a coherent interview with any of them was impossible.

Kathy Shaidle:
Many of them were indistinguishable from the panhandlers who clutter up the streets: ... Others are under the impression that — you’ll never guess — “Jews own the media,” and say so on camera.

... this protest was heavily promoted by the Ontario Federation of Labor ...[who] relied upon (paid?) glorified homeless people to act as their brown shirts, to protest SUN’s right to bring the Mafia-like corruption on reserves to light. ...
Only slightly less pathetic were the lazy, useless, politically correct cops who tried to remove Ezra "because it was easier".


Anonymous said...

Only slightly less pathetic were the lazy, useless, politically correct cops who tried to remove Ezra "because it was easier".

I'm completely sick and tired of the gutless cops attacking law abiding citizens and leaving human garbage to riot.

dmorris said...

I'm no fan of lazy,self-interested cops,but on reflection in this case,I think they did the right thing by taking Ezra aside rather than trying to deal with 100 angry retards,er protesters.

The protesters have gotten away with so much lately,they have no fear of the cops and certainly no respect,so it WAS easier for them to act as they did. Six scared cops might not do too well against 100 idiot protesters.

The idiots chanting "Ezra,Ezra,you can't hide" were oblivious to the fact that he wasn't hiding,he was standing there right in front of their dull faces,with only a camera operator for company.

Ezra certainly has courage,I just hope it doesn't backfire on him some day. One of those assholes could pull a knife on him very easily,and the yellow-clad "protect and serve" types wouldn't be much help.

It's indicative of the low mentality of the protesters that every time Ezra tried to ask a question,they just chanted until he gave up.

He should have challenged ONE of them to come into the studio,and tape an interview,but from the look of that crowd,it'd be like debating a wharf rat.

JR said...

"The protesters have gotten away with so much lately,they have no fear of the cops and certainly no respect,so it WAS easier for them to act as they did."

Amen to that, and behaving as they did in this instance just confirmed the mob's attitude towards police and made things even worse.

Anyway, as far as I could see the police needn't have interfered at all at that point. Ezra was doing fine. Yes, he was taking a risk but he's a reporter and good reporters take calculated risks.

But if the police are worried about their image they'd best show some courage, become a little less p-c (less partisan even) and more even-handed in dealing with situations, not just bully the nearest lone Jew out to get a story.

From Caledonia to G20 to IdleNoMore police performance has been pathetic.

Anonymous said...

NO! They DID NOT do the "right thing". They did the gutless, convenient they ALWAYS DO.

Someone defends themselves against an attacker? -- Charge & prosecute the defender (y'know because it hurts the image of the big, tough hero cops if people defend THEMSELVES).

If some nut job HAMAS terrorist group supporting protesters are mobbing a bystander who was merely taking video of them with his cell phone? Why, by all means the cops should be pushing around and bullying the bystander - (after all, keeping the peace justifies allowing a mob to attack someone and also justifies harrassing the innocent)- right?

A mob of native protestors are DISTURBING THE PEACE (look the definition up in the Criminal Code - gawd knows the cops don't).

What do you as a cop do? Why you harrass a television personality - the only one with guts enough to dare to question the protestors.

Apparently EZRA has bigger balls than the police do.

And then you get equally gutless dmorris who pretends tobe concerned about EZRA's safety (boo hoo he might get stabbed!) I think he knows that princess, calm down & stop crying ok?

"Six scared cops might not do too well against 100 idiot protesters."

Are there only SIX cops in the entire city? Call for back up & move them out!

It's pretty damned obvious that the big tough hero cops are only big & tough when it comes to beating on some skinny weak LONE drunk out behind a bar at night when the odds are a comfortable 5 to one in favour of the ..."big, tough heros".

Alain said...

I agree with JR here about the police. The problem with the argument that the police did the right thing is that refusing to enforce the law has become a pattern for our police. When another Sun News reporter was physically assaulted by an unhinged Muslim woman in public, the Toronto cops refused to deal with it. The situation in Caledonia was even worse, when the cops kept arresting the peaceful non natives while refusing to arrest the natives assaulting them. I could go on and on with examples.

dmorris said...

The rank and file cops know that if they DO do the "right thing",arrest some pc asshole,their HQ won't back them.They follow orders,given by their Masters,and they are NOT free to act on their own without risking their precious career.

In this case, there were no laws being broken,and the cops were trying to cool things down by moving Ezra instead of 100 shitforbrains.

I don't like it either,BUT we have to recognize that is the new reality of Canada today. So, E-mail your MP,MPP,MLA, Mayor, Councillman, demand they give the orders to enforce the law in a completely unbiased manner.

It won't do a bit of good.

Our politicians are so cowed by p-c they crap their pants at the mention of FN,gay, or Muslim protesters.

We great unwashed can only respond in the same way the protesters do, assemble a large crowd, make noise, block intersections, scream slogans, intimidate hell out of the pols.

It MIGHT work, but we would have to be prepared to go to jail,and miss work the next day,something most of the protesters today don't have to worry about.

Anonymous said...

"The rank and file cops know that if they DO do the "right thing",arrest some pc asshole,their HQ won't back them."


Where do police managers come from? Thin air? Do they clone them in a back room somewhere? Does the city hire someone with an MBA in answer to an ad in the newspaper saying "POLICE LEFTENANT WANTED, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY"?

No actually.

They are promoted from the rank & file. The rank & file produce the same managers who are SUPPOSEDLY making chickenshit decisions.

So it would seem to me there is a fair bit of good old fashioned gutlessness prevalent within that rank & file you worship so much.

They choose the soft target because they are too ball-less to go after the hard ones. PERIOD.

dmorris said...

Anon, quit with the silly remarks,"worship so much"! Indeed.

Of course cops rise up through the ranks,and when cops move from the ranks to management,they go through a necessary attitude change,in order to fit in with the new group.

Not to mention management training that imparts a new view of the business.

Guys that have worked their way up are way more aware of anything that is negative toward their burgeoning career. They become politicians, and act like politicians,trying to do nothing and look good doing it.

Street cops CAN enforce the "letter" of the law,of course,but if it means pissing off one of the p-c groups,said cop will not get much support from above,thus the beat cop does what he's told and doesn't stick his neck out.

Do you imagine if any of the cops at Caledonia had arrested the Mohawk occupiers,as they should have,that Julian Fantino would have covered their back? Not likely.

btw,I don't "worship" anyone,or anything,try to keep a civil tone,it's a debating forum, not a name calling session.

Again, the INM protesters didn't break any laws,they were just being obnoxious assholes,Ezra COULD have replied in kind,but he has too much savvy to stoop to their level.

Patsplace said...

The bottom line is that without Ezra in their faces, making them look like the useless tools that they are, they just chant their pre-arranged slogans, wave their signs, pat each other on the back and leave.

With Ezra there, they were way out of their depth and the whole thing could have gone sideways in a heartbeat. Arguing with Ezra is a losing proposition, one that Mr. Sure of Himself could have taken violent offence at. Taking Ezra out of the equation was the right move. The idea is to keep the peace, not to have to shoot two or three of the great unwashed because their bloodlust was up.

Anonymous said...

"Again, the INM protesters didn't break any laws"

As I said before, go get yourself a Canadian Criminal Code and look up Disturbing The Peace.

Their actions fit the description to a tee. If one wanted to take the time there were several laws they were breaking, federla, provincial and municipal.

But rather than dealing with an unruly mob of law breakers, the cops unsurprisingly chose the easier target and harrassed an innocent man. GUTLESS.

Your attitude and the attitude of Pat's Place are the same attitude that the left has. The same attitude that allows these unlawful mobs to continue their actions. "Oh! Goodness me! (cower). We don't want any trouble! Let them break the law! They'll soon be finished and then there will be peace again. (Or at least until they come back)".

As for Pat's Place's stupid hyperbole about "shooting two or three"? Oh give me a break! Do you think there are perhaps other ways of dispersing a small crowd of unruly troublemakers?

Cops break up unruly house parties all of the time. But then again drunken partiers can't scream "Raaaaccciiiissssmmm" now can they? With some drunken white youths they can act tough, beat people up, pepper spray large groups of people and no one will fight back. GUTLESS.

The conduct of the chickenshit cops and the attitude of the equally spineless blogger supporters is/was disgraceful

Alain said...

Dmorris, I think we are splitting hairs on this, since we are coming at it from different angles. Yes, you are correct that technically no laws were broken by removing Ezra instead of dealing with the mob, and that the rank and file cops take orders from above, which means political appointees. The point I and some others raise is that this has become the norm and it is time for people to push back and to make it clear it is not acceptable. Especially since most other cases are examples of the cops actually arresting the innocent instead of the guilty in order "to keep the peace". This is why I think Ezra is right in exposing and shaming the cops in this situation.

Frankly I admit that I have lost all respect for the police even though I used to feel the complete opposite. When the population loses respect for "law enforcement" officers, society is in deep trouble.