Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Case for Sun News

Pierre Karl Péladeau responds to Andrew Coyne's junk column trashing Sun News and it's application for an expanded license.

Unlike Coyne's dopey rant Peladeau's response is calm, factual and business-like. 
It's difficult to see how the CRTC could possibly justify rejecting Sun's reasonable quest for fair treatment. But we'll see. If it is rejected, again, I predict there'll be Hell to pay.


Anonymous said...

If the application is rejected I think it would be fair to review the relevance of the CRTC with the possibility of scrapping it entirely, the Minister of Industry should be making these decisions based on recommendations via all party committee.

JR said...

Scrapping the CRTC entirely would be great. Failing that, severely limiting its mandate to mundane bureaucratic matters (e.g. spectrum management) might suffice.

dmorris said...

What do you mean by "hell to pay"?

Sun news doesn't seem to have much support outside the Conservative blogosphere, and James Moore is Minister in charge of CBC who oppose Sun, so where do you think the "hell" is going to come from?

I'd LIKE to see Sun in the top 13 channels in place of a couple of American channels,and of course I signed the petition, but the old boys network who own media are a powerful force.

Losing their female "star" Krista Erickson didn't help matters much either. Let's hope their is some fairness in the way the CRTC does business, but they're still full of Liberal appointees,so I don't expect much.

Anonymous said...

If they were to get rid of the Crtc nothing would change.

JR said...

I remain optimistic.

But if there's hell to pay it'll come from most of those who voted Conservative (5.8 million) plus other thoughtful Canadians who value fair play.

JR said...

Yours is the standard response from intolerant leftist nitwits who never watch SunTV. Next you'll be trying to tell us that CBC has "balance".