Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indians "have the power to bring the economy to its knees"

Sounds like a threat of war to me.

Listening to AFN Chief Atleo and other chiefs this morning they adopted the attitude that Indians are 100% victims. There was no mention whatever of their own responsibility for the mess their people are in. There was no mention at all of governance, corruption and accountability issues.   In fact they are standing up for Theresa Spence, their most recent posterchild for incompetence and corruption. They went on about poverty the lack of schools, safe drinking water,.... All whitey's fault.

Over $100 million from the feds and another $350 million from the diamond mine flowed into Attiwapiskat over the past 6 years. That's $1.5 million for each of 300 home on the reserve. And there's no money for schools and safe water? Bullcrap!

Those AFN chiefs had best own up to their own governance failures. And if PM Harper has any balls he'll remind them of that fact tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

They and their environazi cohorts and every ambulance chasing lawyer in the country already have brought the economy to its knees.
Powell Lucas

dmorris said...

Yes,the AFN has decided now is the time to find out just how far they can push us. The fact that the MSM is totally on-side with them doesn't help the Canadian cause very much.

Harper will be forced to acquiesce to many of the AFN demands,hopefully, a bigger share of all the resource revenues will be enough THIS TIME,but at a later date,the AFN will be back,demanding more.

But don't scold Harper, this is,never forget,a basically liberal Country. Harper has to tread very lightly with Natives or the combination of lefties in this Country,especially the very powerful Media Party,will thrash him at the polls in 2015.THEN, we'll really have something to bitch about.

Just imagine PM Trudeau or PM Mulcair.Either one will cave in to the AFN lobby completely, and the Indians will finally have what they have always wanted, title to all the land in Canada,and WE will have to pay them rent.

If anyone has a complaint against Harper, consider the reality of what he can legally do to stave off the rapacious hordes of entitled "First Nations",practically nothing under our current system of government.

Anonymous said...

Talk about pushing their luck and trying to make a fool out of the Prime Minister. NOW they say the meeting is off unless PM Harper goes to the Delta

E Mac said...

When it comes right down to it - Blood is thicker then water.

JR said...

dmorris, Believe me, Im with Harper over any of the other turds you mention. But bullshit threats, demands and accusations are unacceptable, and Harper ought to let them know that. He should speak up for the rest of us (you know, the ones who pay all the Indians' bills), as our leader and demand some honesty and reality from the Indian "leadership" and other assorted mafioso-style thugs - who, after all, have been and remain one of the biggest obstacles to progress for long suffering ordinary rank and file Indians.

Alain said...

Every person I know is fed up with the huge waste of money being given to Indians, especially due to the fact that there is no accountability and corruption is rampant on most reserves. We are not helping in the least those who actually need help. We are bankrolling the Indian industry which includes a whole lot of lawyers and "NGOs" along with the Indian leaders and band councils. Now we have a court ruling that the number eligible for public money will double at the very least.

Add to this equation a lot of American eco-fascist dollars being doled out to Indian activists in an attempt to kill our resource economy. This cannot be allowed to continue.

JR said...

Alain, Couldn't agree more. Let's hope PM Harper doesn't cave in to their "demands" and threats.

melvin said...

Get used to it. It will only get worse. We have taught the First nations leadership that intimidation and threats work.Their expectation level is over the top and our opposition parties see it as chance to turf our Prime Minister.
I agree with dmorris and would add that When a group of people are taught that they are victims and will never have opportunity, then a country has a very big problem indeed.
We have that problem!

Rich said...

The native groups want the Indian Act cancelled, well as this is ingrained in the Constitution, that might be difficult to do; however, changes can be made to the act without opening up a Constitutional debate. These changes are being made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in bill C45
which allows native groups to develop their lands as they see fit. Example the bands in Osoyoos and Kelowna who have encourgae private enterprise, such as wineries and time share condos etc.The other bill C38 which is the Indian Accountability Act, this act brings clarity and accountability to First Nations people (the grass roots) where is the money going. The many other changes are to bring clean drink water, improvements to sewers roads and housing.

The Opposition from Idle No More Movement are those radicals that do not want to see those kinds of changes. This is just like bill C377 the Union Accountability Act, the Union leaders do not want those changes because the rank and file will know how much union dues are going to support radical left wing causes.

Kudos to the Right Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper Canada is blessed to have this gentleman leading this country

JR said...

Rich: "Example the bands in Osoyoos and Kelowna who have encourged private enterprise, such as wineries and time share condos etc."

True, but these are the exceptions. It would be nice to see them as the rule. We (and more to the point, Indians) could use a lot more Chief Clarence Louies. They ONLY way aboriginals will be rescued from their dismal situation is through their own efforts.