Saturday, January 12, 2013

The "Secret Santa" blows the whistle on the IPCC

Donna Laframboise:
A week before Christmas, three data sticks containing 661 files and amounting to nearly one gigabyte of material came into my possession. They were created by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Friends of Science: "... Whistleblower Files End Climate Change Catastrophe Cult"
... (IPCC) internal files ... reveal more attempts by agenda-driven activists to skew the science on climate change. In 2012 the UK met weather office revealed no global warming for at least 16 years while IPCC admits global warming predictions were way off and there is no trend in extreme weather.

... “In October 13, 2012 the Daily Mail reported that the UK Met Hadley weather office revealed there had not been any global warming for 16 years despite a substantial rise in carbon dioxide (CO2).

... two weeks later on December 13, 2012 Alec Rawls leaked 14 draft chapters of the upcoming IPCC report on-line....confirmed the catastrophic warming scenarios of the previous IPCC climate models were way off, far too high, by several factors. ... Further, the IPCC itself stated that there was no trend toward more extreme weather, confirming the Oct. 31, 2012 Wall Street Journal statement by Roger Pielke Jr.

... “And finally, the IPCC admitted and then evaded recognition that the sun is a major factor in climate change,”

... “A trillion dollars has been wasted on carbon reduction schemes in the past decade,” ...  “Generations of children have been terrified and taught absurd anti-scientific group-think, economies have been bankrupted in the ‘rush to low-carbon renewables’ – such as Ontario, the UK, Spain, California – falsely believing people can ‘save the planet’ by reducing carbon dioxide.


johndo124 said...

Sadly I don't think any of this will make a bit of difference to our government. We are still the "deniers" and AGW is still the official propaganda. So much ammunition yet so little will to use it. It's just another indication that western redistributive socialist democracies have become quisling nations.

JR said...

Sadly, you are probably right.