Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worst president since Jimmy Carter

According to a new Gallup poll:
When people say that Barack Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter, they’re not kidding; a new Gallup Poll taken between January 7-10 shows that when Americans were asked whether they had a positive view of the country, only 39% agreed. This is the lowest percentage since August 1979, when Carter was president, inflation was out of control and the economy was hurtling toward the abyss. The percentage of those who believe that things will be better in five years is only 48%, the lowest since that same time period under Carter. Another 40% said things will be worse.

The negative numbers for Obama’s stewardship of America are historically low. Normally to a sitting president this would be a cause for concern, but this president has shown he doesn’t care one whit whether people are optimistic or not as long as he can transform the country into his dream socialist state.
This boslters the theory that Obama's re-election must have been a collective act of ... affirmative action.


fernstalbert said...

The low information voter was happy to cast his/her vote for more of the same - pie in the sky entitlement spending - and ignore the math. Its all about "what have you done for me lately". When the ponzi scheme collapses the young and their ideals will be the first to hit reality's wall.

JR said...

fern, It could be that the takers have overtaken the makers, but I think, given the those Gallup stats, if the president up for re-election had been ineligible for affirmative action he'd have been turfed.