Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Métis ruling - going from God-awful to worse

Why are these people smiling?

If you look carefully at the eyes you'll see $ signs.

"... Vancouver Metis Leonard Laboucan said while his family has survived for generations without financial support from the government, he hopes the future will be easier for his three-year-old son Kyell."

No kidding! But what kind of "justice" is this? Why should Kyell's future be made automatically "easier" than a neighbouring child who was not born with that drop of Indian blood?

The Federal Court has taken a horrible situation (race based entitlements) and made it immeasurably worse. Now, based on a claimed quantum of aboriginal blood an additional 600,000+ rent seekers will be bellying up to the trough (with their lawyers) for their "fair share" of freebies paid for with taxes extracted at gun-point from the rest of us.

Let's hope that the federal government successfully challenges this ruling.


Sean M said...

Sickening... more "special" racists, in this case some far off half breeds lining up at the Court appointed public trough for "free" race based money. Hideous tribalism from another activist "Judge"... Appeal this travesty!!

Anonymous said...

canada, home to trough licking communists of all races.