Friday, January 11, 2013

The irresponsible rhetoric of Manitoba Grand Chief Derek ("Big Mouth") Nepinak

Further to yesterday's post on this, here's John Robson with Ezra Levant:


dmorris said...

Yes, we should be scared/worried,as we are incapable of defending our Country against politically correct activists.

I agree with John Robson. I was born and raised a few miles from Nepinaks' Rez,and spent a lot of time there when I was young. The Indians at that time hadn't been radicalized yet,that occurred after I moved away,to find work,in the mid-60's.

Nepinak ,according to the Pine Creek Reserve web site, took over as Chief in 2009,after the Band had been put under the financial administration of third party appointed by DIAND.

Apparently,Nepinak has resurrected the Band and they have paid off all their debts,and are on sound financial footing.

I mention this because we shouldn't confuse Nepinak's type of Leader with Theresa Spence's type. Nepinak is competent,and Spence isn't,and that makes Nepinak much more dangerous to the peace and prosperity of Canada.

Canadians have to accept the fact that governments have their hands tied with political correctness,so we have to hope Harper has some tricks up his sleeve,or MORE money will flow to the AFN via the usual route.

JR said...

Yes, the radicalization of Indians is a huge problem. Even scarier is the thought that they could start getting cozy (cozier) with radicals of the Islamist variety. The Canadian Islamic Congress clearly has seen the potential.

Anonymous said...

JTF 2 might come in handy after all....

BillM said...

If a band gets too outrageous it will learn a few facts. It only takes a handful of us to effectively blockade them. We would then see how well they can live off the land!