Thursday, September 26, 2013

David Suzuki, a national embarrassment

Ezra Levant continues his outstanding exposé of David Suzuki and expresses gratitude to the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) for doing what the Canadian media has failed to do for over 40 years - a professional job of interviewing their celebrity guest, exposing him to real questioning by experts in their field.  Suzuki is revealed as an out of date, out of touch huckster and mystic with some truly kooky ideas:

Bravo to Ezra for a fantastic job!

FYI, here's the entire ABC program complete with viewer comments. It seems Suzuki has many uncritical Aussie fans.


Polardiscoball said...

I can't seem to find Mr. Lerant on my dial. Where is it in relation to the Aboriginal People's channel?

Alain said...

Actually Suzuki is a profound embarrassment to himself; he is just too clueless to know it.

JR said...

Alain, he sure is. It would be fascinating to know how Saint Suzuki reacts to Ezra's show. I suspect we'll never know, and his media cheerleaders will spin his performance favourably.

Polar, see