Monday, September 23, 2013

"Nothing says 'inclusive' like racial segregation"

David Thompson on liberal arts indoctrination at an elite university:
Diversity and Inclusion - To be cultivated, obviously, with racial segregation: 
In order to create a safe space, this programme is open to people of colour only. A similar conversation for white students, faculty and staff is planned for the spring semester.
You see, it’s a “conversation,” one that’s all about “healing and mutual respect” and “engaging with diverse views.”

I’m actually rather tickled by the notion of students needing a “safe space” at Hamilton College, an elite New York liberal arts college with an endowment of around three-quarters of a billion dollars and where tuition is a mere $46,ooo, excluding room and board. This, after all, is one of the most cossetting and exquisitely PC environments on the face of the Earth. ...
If it were only Hamilton College infecting young minds with this kind of insanity it might be funny.  But nearly every university and college in North America has similar programs doing similar damage to millions of students and wasting untold $billions.  It's an unmitigated disaster.


Alain said...

The true racists are always from the Left, since they refuse to recognise the value and dignity of the individual. It is all about collectives with people only counting as a member.

JR said...

Yes, the kind of leftist "thinking" that lead to this over-reactions to a "racist" (as in not unreasonable) letter about aboriginals published in the Nanaimo Daily News.