Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Useless "enforcers" of the law

Lorne Gunter describes a bizarre case in which a Calgary woman's property has been taken over by a "Freeman-on-the land":
If the facts of the case are as reported, Andreas Pirelli is surely as guilty of stealing Rebekah Caverhill’s property (one half of a duplex) as he would be had he been able to stuff it in a duffle bag and run off with it.

... In return for three months’ free rent, Pirelli agreed to do some reno work on the unit. Instead, according to Caverhill, Pirelli declared himself a Freeman-on-the-Land, essentially a sovereign citizen to whom Canadian laws and taxes do not apply.

Pirelli allegedly gutted much of Caverhill’s duplex, painted his bedroom black (all of it: walls, floors and ceiling) and then declared it an embassy for his sovereign state of ... well, his sovereign state of himself.... 
... What is especially frustrating is police are timid about helping Caverhill regain her property. They have told her her complaint is a civil matter, not a criminal one, so they cannot help. ...
They sometimes say that "the law is an ass". In this case, if it is as the crown and police claim, they "cannot help", the law is a complete MORON. But I don't really believe that. The so-called "Freeman" is a fraudster and vandal who, by his own admission, has effectively stolen Ms Caverhill's property - illegally removed it from her possession and control.

In another less "complicated" day in the not so distant past, this vandal, fraudster and thief would have simply been removed, charged, jailed and tried in court. Today, the "authorities" overthink the situation and decide to do nothing. This is more evidence that our well-paid so-called "enforcers" of the law are becoming useless, politically correct idiots.


Pissedoff said...

If he is declaring it a foreign country he is attacking Canada as a whole. The police and crown are cowards so send in the army and blast the bastard out. Come on Harper party lets see you get tough on crime.

Bec said...

This should be in the identity theft/fraudster category and there must be a law. Theft is theft. THIS is her property and he has stolen it under fraudulent circumstances.

Where are the genius legal guys ......whoops, it's a victim. They don't 'do' victims do they?

Anonymous said...

good thing it is not my house the fool is living in. he would not be there very long. there would no appeals by me to have someone else remove him. he would on his ass on the street.

dmorris said...

As I posted at the link,this case is unfortunately going to the Ministry that administers the Landlord-Tenant Act. The Act is very biased toward the tenant,as landlords are seen as evil predators while renters are seen as victims.

The trespasser,Pirelli, now has a guarantee of a place to live,free,for at least six months while the square wheels of the Crown turn slowly.

During that time,Pirelli can do whatever damage he wants to her house,strip it down to the studs,and no one will do anything but issue more paper.

In the end ,the Landlord can sue Pirelli,an utterly useless exercise when the defendant has no property.

As a former landlord myself,I feel very sorry for this poor woman,who is about to find out that the law is toothless and not particularly interested in helping her,anyway.

dmorris said...


Update: Miracles DO occur,Pirelli has been ordered evicted.Now,if the cops will ACT on the Court order,the lady is finally rid of him,although she'll undoubtedly pay thousands to repair her property.

JR said...

As a former landlord, I too sympathize with Ms Caverhill. It must be a nightmare.

Good news about that Court Order. Let's hope Pirelli's out of there soon and appropriately charged for his crimes.

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