Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"The IPCC must take everybody for fools. "

Ross McKitrick:
... [the IPCC's AR5 report claims:] “In summary, the globally-averaged surface temperatures are well within the uncertainty range of all previous IPCC projections, and generally are in the middle of the scenario ranges.” Later, in Chapter 9, it states with “very high confidence” that models can correctly simulate global surface temperature trends.
... The IPCC must take everybody for fools. Its own graph shows that observed temperatures are not within the uncertainty range of projections; they have fallen below the bottom of the entire span. Nor do models simulate surface warming trends accurately; instead they grossly exaggerate them. (Nor do they match them on regional scales, where the fit is typically no better than random numbers.)
...  since we are on the verge of seeing the emergence of data that could rock the foundations of mainstream climatology, this is obviously no time for entering into costly and permanent climate policy commitments based on failed model forecasts.  [Someone call Stephen Harper.]

Terence Corcoran: The tide is rising on climate models and policies


Anonymous said...

i took an interest in Astronomy around 1980 and bought several monthly Science/Astronomy mags , plus I read Scientific-America since 1983 that covered many topics that included Space along with biology.
When the Global-Warming hype hit the news i took it as true until I saw the Temp Charts and claims that CO2 caused it and the earth will over heat by 2050 and wipe out millions.
The HollyWood and Media tyoes bought into the scam and acted like High-brows that were the enlightened ones that just repeated what they were told.
About 7 years ago i started tell people that the SUN has a greater effect on our weather and Temps,and this is proven because it's warmer at 3:00 pm than 3:00 am on average during all four seasons.
But a Radio host at CFRB 1010 kept mocking callers that even hinted that the SUN was related to the earth's temps. NASA charts and evidence had already been documented in University Level Courses for Astronomy to show the predictable 7 year lag in Solar flares and the Sun's activity.
I've stuck to my story based on 30+ years of studying the Sun and Astronomy in general, I DID NOT sit there like some automoton watching Al Gore speak slowly and use pictures to push his Carbon-credit scam about Global warming. When Toronto had heavy snow and severe cold spells, the Media and experts said it was Global warming,when we had Warm days in the spring and heavy rain, it too was global warming.
Hmmmmm, when the twin-towers 9/11 Conspiracy died from the facts that 2 planes hit them,the new 9/11 Conspiracy is Building 7 that fell.
These people must think that the average person is a copmplete moron.

Alain said...

They don't need to bother fooling everybody; they only need to fool politicians throughout the West, and they continue doing that. To date to my knowledge only the newly elected Australian PM has left the bandwagon.