Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Funding the enemy

Ezra Levant has been doing an excellent job of exposing how radical environmentalist, anti-oil sands, global warming alarmist "think" tank lobby group, the Pembina Institute, has been receiving support from organizations who ought to know better:
- the city of Calgary
- the government of Alberta
- oil companies
- the Harper government
- Preston Manning

Ezra is particularly disappointed in his old friend and mentor, Preston Manning:

More about the Pembina Institute.


Pissedoff said...

Why are you surprised at the Harper party. Harper as always talked out both sides of his mouth at the same time.

JR said...

Well, I'm not really "surprised", just disappointed - they ought to know better.

Anonymous said...

I've worked with Preston as well. He's extremely consistent on this. Green conservatism is still conservatism. I don't like Ezra's idea that conservatives are, by default, pro tar-sands, and naturally for unrestricted development of our non renewable resources etc. It's a simplification of a very diverse group of people, not all of which agree that global warming is a myth.

For further anecdotal proof, look at how conservative support in polls tracks opposite to green party support. GPC has (used to have more) fiscally conservative credentials, but is obviously more for environmental protection than CPC. High information conservative voters know this, and migrate back and forth between the two parties based on perceived action on the environmental file by CPC.

Look at some of the most recent polls-- after Harper announced he was working with the US on carbon emissions, you see an immediate uptick in support for CPC at the expense of the green party.