Thursday, September 26, 2013

Steven Fletcher wishes he were dead?

Being among the most vulnerable to its potential abuse, the handicapped are at the forefront of the battle against legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia.  So Steven Fletcher is going against the grain when he comes out in support of legalizing assisted suicide:
... Mr. Fletcher’s experience has prompted him to support those who argue in favour of legally assisted suicide for people with terminal illnesses. “I think those people should have the opportunity to ask for help to close life’s circle,” he said, a position that puts him at odds with his party. ...
So, Mr. Fletcher holds up his own situation following his terrible accident as justification for legalizing assisted suicide. Does this mean he wished he'd killed himself to avoid the temporary pain of his injuries and/or the quadriplegic state he now endures? It seems so, which would imply he wishes he were now dead. If so, he should go ahead and fulfill that wish. He has my blessing. But he shouldn't be seeking to involve the rest of us in killing him. Suicide should be strictly DIY.

And, let's be frank, legalized assisted suicide would soon morph into legalized euthanasia. That's what these death cultists really have their black, cowardly hearts set on. Legalizing assisted suicide is just a foot in the door.


Anonymous said...

Can you not debate without ad nominee attacks on the other side. There is a legitimate argument to be made for the government to stay out of a petson's decision to have an assisted suicide.

JR said...

If you have a point, please, by all means, make it. What part of my "attack" on the other side do you object to and why? If it's the "cowardly, black hearts" remark there is legitimate argument to justify it.

And there is no safe way to implement assisted suicide without government involvement - legal safeguards would be required to avoid criminal abuse. Furthermore, given the often demonstrated incompetence and fickleness of government, there is no safe way to implement assisted suicide, period.

Alain said...

Anonymous, I agree that there is a legitimate argument to be made for the government to stay out of our lives, but demanding state approved assisted suicide is the complete opposite. No one is preventing people from killing themselves if they choose. Demanding that the state approve and worse that another person participate is demanding that the government interfere even more in our personal life.