Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dirty politics trashing the oil sands

Claudia Cattaneo explains how the EU dishonestly targets the oil sands:
Much like the Keystone XL debacle in Washington, the EU’s proposed Fuel Quality Directive illustrates the hypocrisy of climate change politics — tough to sell at home, the pain of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is pushed abroad to feign the appearance of progress.

... What’s disappointing is that years of Canadian pushback that the directive is discriminatory has not changed the anti-oil sands’ nature of the proposal, spearheaded by EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard. ...
 Thanks to the lies and distortions of disloyal Canadian eco-extremists (like the Pembina Institute and David Suzuki) heavily funded by foreign interests, the oil sands have been turned into an international eco-whipping boy. Naïve, goody-two-shoes Canadian companies and governments have spent boat-loads of cash to reduce carbon emissions and to be environmentally responsible.  On the international front all Canadians ask for is a level playing field and honest dealing.

And what do Canadians get in return? Blatant lies and hypocrisy from the likes of  Connie Hedegaard and Barack Obama who threaten trade restrictions and deny approval of pipelines.

The bitter irony is that all of this (the disloyalty, the hypocrisy, the lies, the naïve, earnest good-faith efforts of Canadians, the waste) is premised on fears driven by dubious, unproven theories of catastrophic global warming - theories that are contradicted by 17 years of credible scientific data - data gathered by and for the fear-monger-in-chief, the UNIPCC.