Friday, November 13, 2015

Breaking: Paris Terror Attacks Kill More Than 100

A hostage situation at the Bataclan concert hall came to an end on Friday night when French police raided the building, according to French television, who quoted the police as saying at least 100 people had been killed there.
Dozens more died in apparently coordinated attacks outside the country’s main sports stadium and at least five other popular locations in the city.
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And by all means, let's implore the nitwit Liberals to bring in even more Syrian migrants, and by Christmas, security checks be damned!


Anonymous said...

old white guy says......we have had a small taste of what is to come. allowing 25 thousand more muslims into Canada expands our danger to attack ten fold. when it happens I hope we have the balls to physically remove those responsible from office and any position of power in the country.

Martin said...

I glimpsed part of Trudeau's address last night, to me it was far from a reassuring message that a strong hand was protecting Canada's security. He seemed dazed and unsteady, an inexperienced leader thrust into a crisis just days into his mandate.
An unfortunate incident of timing, had Trudeau's speech on CBC with the ribbon beneath stating that he had given "marching orders" to the minister of defense, to desist with the air raids against ISIS at once.
ISIS has now confirmed involvement in the terrorist attacks.
Canada's security is obviously at risk, is this a good time to be disengaging from the enemy, and attempting to bolster some form of non-combatant role for our forces? I don't believe so, and a great number of fellow Canadians not to mention our allies, would tend to agree.

JR said...

Yes, here's Trudeau, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, declaring that "... it's too early to draw any conclusions from these events ...". Very reminiscent of his earlier "root causes" babble.

One conclusion he could easily draw is that the reckless Liberal plan to rush 25,000 Syrian "refugees" into Canada before Christmas, screening be damned, should be quickly reconsidered, then dropped.