Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lord Moncton's prediction of Harper's defeat and why Tony Abbot was dumped

Monckton's backstory about UN global governance ambitions and skullduggery is the mother of all conspiracyies theories:


ward said...

Now more accurately called a conspiracy fact.

Anonymous said...

I’ve watched this revelation of Monkton’s when he posted it just prior to Abbot’s "Et tu, Brute?" stab in the back by his own party. I thought –“wow, the Aussies are deep down the rabbit hole of international socialist collusion/corruption, but Canada is different. We have democratic values here, the people are not fooled so easily and federal politics are not that corrupt.” How wrong I was. There are some startling implications to Monkton’s revelation if it is true (and it certainly appears to be).

1) It means that Monkton’s backgrounder to this incident is also true – that a swarm of soviet communist apparatchiks, who fled the collapse of the soviet system, are deeply entrenched in the social/central planning machinery of socialist Europe, the UN and every high profile public policy/global strategy think tank in the west. We have all seen how the UN/EU/CFR/CoR have taken a distinct autocratic domineering left turn since the fall of soviet Russia into dictating politically corrected (cultural Marxism) domestic policy to the west using the misused treaty process and junk science as cover.

2) It means there is a real cabal of global government elites planning and executing their agenda of anti-democratic, anti-private property, anti-sovereignty global socialist Feudalism. It means they are targeting the free democratic nations because these have constitutions and rule of law which preclude unelected foreign governing intervention in public policy making and unmandated climate commissariat “diktat”. They intend to revert control of private wealth, property and resources into the hands of a few foreign unaccountable elites - and our leadership is selling our sovereignty out to this cabal.

3) It also means that in both cases deposing an elected leader in a western democracy, was done with a "soft coup" in collusion with the national media. Slanderous relentless media propaganda was instrumental in these plans. Our 4th estate was used as a 5th column. We should regard the MSM from this point forward as the enemy of National security and democracy – instead of turning them off, we should be actively investigating and indicting the leaders in the MSM who lead this undermining of informed democratic franchise.

4) It also means the current leadership of both Canada and Australia were installed in a media led coup directed by foreign globalists. It means our leaders prioritize the policy agendas of foreign bureaucrats over the will and security of their electorate. They are in pith and substance “puppets” of a foreign political cabal. As such they have no legitimacy – act accordingly.

tmodem said...

Wow. That is quite an amazing prediction. "they were not going to let Stephen Harper win this election". I also was wondering about Abbott. It seemed like overnight he was thrown out and a complete nutbar took his place. Should be interesting to see what comes out of Paris...BUT I don't think it's going to be good!

JR said...

Ward, my post has been modified.