Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris terror attacks: The Israelis did it!

Palestinian Authority blames Israel:
Even known Islamic radical groups have condemned the Islamic State (ISIS) for the horrific coordinated terror attacks in Paris ...

However, the Palestinian Authority (PA) stood out for saying that the bombings and shootings claimed by the ISIS should be blamed on Israel.

... The PA ... believes that Israel's spy agency, the Mossad, was responsible for the bombings, according to a statement posted on its official newspaper, WND reported.


Bill Elder said...

I saw a Rebel media interview of Paris Muslims, the common opinion was that the recent massacres there were staged by "the Jews". The Jews were causing war in Syria, Iraq and Libya. ISIS are bandit "Jews" not Muslims.

Now these were the presumed peaceful assimilated Parisian Muslims. I was struck by how deep their hatred of Jews runs that they could even repeat cartoonish jibbersh like this in public.

This attitude is retarding their whole culture and driving a portion of it to acts of psychopathic savagery.

Anonymous said...

same thing after 9/11 all the lefties blamed the jews and took to the streets in anti-America marches and pro Palestine solidarity rallies at universities and what not

Anonymous said...

Man, if true that's just FUBAR. Sorry for some doubt, but it's really FUBAR!

fhl said...

We are asked to welcome a group of refugees on an unprecedented schedule come hell or high water WHY? WHY?????