Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Justin's sunny new "era" of openness - lasted less than a week

Brian Lilley:


Anonymous said...

This kind of secret backdoor payoff was to be expected and will only get worse, much much worse. PM Butts knows better than to have the imbecile actor Trudozo the clown unscripted before the adoring Media shitheads. The election was one thing, the Media played along with the Libranos to give little Justy a free ride, all scripted talking points covering the issues Trudozo was well rehearsed in answering and nothing else. The Media can pretend they're "outraged" at the Libranos paying off their Union comrades and not inviting the Media to the victory party, but in reality everyone knows the Media don't give a rats ass what the Libranos do or don't do. Althia Raj, Tonda McCharles and other Libranos stenographers are "outraged", outraged" I tell ya... please. I bet Blob Fifey and Craig Owliver over at CTV are also "outraged"... its fun to pretend just ask Jutine, he likes to pretend too. The gangster's and their Media are back, yipeeeee!

E Mac said...

The problem is: It's all so very true.
I never thought any different from the beginning.