Sunday, November 8, 2015

NOAA hypes "extreme weather" agitprop

For climate alarmists, “extreme” weather events are considered irrefutable evidence of AGW and its harmful effects.  They hype extreme weather agitprop relentlessly.  Even the once reputable National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been subverted for the purpose.  However NOAA’s “explanations”, come riddled with disclaimers, speculation, contradiction and uncertainty:
... I would be a lot more impressed if NOAA could explain the extreme events of 2016, rather than trying to retrofit alarmist explanations to events they have no skill to predict. Starting with an assumption that an anthropogenic effect is playing a substantial role is not the same as demonstrating that this is the case.    


johndoe124 said...

Starting with an assumption that an anthropogenic effect is playing a substantial role is not the same as demonstrating that this is the case.

Indeed. Proclamation without explanation is just propaganda and that's all the climate fascists really have.

Anonymous said...

The moral and ethical corruption that exists with eco fascists is staggering. These people are pure evil, nazi's with a smile and "good intentions". Eco-fascists have declared war on western humanity and western civilization and these savage ideologues won't stop until they make everyone a slave to their desires. Of course the Media are a part of the eco-nazi schemes and shakedowns that will be inflicted on the public, the bully pulpit and propaganda arm of the left. Wait until PM Butts tells that imbecile Trudozo to sign away Canadas sovereignty at the Paris marxisim "climate" conference. I just hope one day people wake up, fight back against the fraud and manipulation and punish these leftist fascists as harshly as possible. We need a revolution of common sense before its too late.

fhl said...

hype about our Trudeau Liberals Environment Ministe is making me SICK
She is selling the cow with the milkr

Martin said...

I agree. This story from NP illustrates how Minister McKenna has adopted the childish slogan that"Canada is back" in her communications with colleagues. One of the important guidelines of diplomacy is to keep your cards close to your vest, to not
telegraph what you are likely to do.Yet Jr and now his minister have done exactly that; they have telegraphed that they will sign anything put in front of them in Paris,probably without reading it.
In their determination to be seen as different from the CPC, Liberals have devalued any bargaining advantages they had going into Paris.Not a sound negotiating strategy.

JR said...

Great point, fhl. Thanks for that link. I liked the final comment best:

"Actually, the Liberal Party is back. Canada never left. But I appreciate the hubris,” replied Graeme Menzies, a marketing and communications professional, who called the hashtag an "F.U." to the voters who rejected the Liberal party three times over the past decade."