Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our new PM. At the G20. Taking selfies. What else?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else noticed Trudozos bizarre detached from reality behavior. Everyone with at least one functioning brain cell knows Trudozo the clown is a colossal idiot and a world class jagoff. Trudozo and the "Liberals" along with their Media couldn't care less about the victims of the Paris massacre, the slaughter is simply a distraction from the "Liberal" climate agenda. Trudozo the clown is an embarrassment to say the least and people must wonder what the hell is so wrong with Canadians that they would elect such an obvious imbecile. I saw Trudozo at the G20 table looking thoroughly dazed and confused, it looked like he wasn't sure whether to put the translation ear piece in his ear or up his ass, although I suppose it wouldn't have made much difference where he stuck it. Trudozo is an utter embarrassment and quite frankly, a disgrace. Trudozo is a fool representing even bigger fools... just sad.

Anonymous said...

Surprised he didn't pirouette behind Hollande.

Bill Elder said...

I can see the enormous ego of this narcissist needs constant feeding. He NEEDS the enraptured throngs and media adulation which sustains neurotic vanity.

It also means this is his weakness as well (I note his petulant response commercials to the Tory "just not ready" charges. I suspect he will have a mental meltdown when the public tire of his vain antics and his reckless policies start damaging them and the media must become critical of his huge blunders just to keep its public credibility.

A huge fall from grace awaits this primadona, let him have his 2 seconds in the spotlights because he will have to bear twice the animosity his father did as he tries to remake Canada into a caliphate province of Mecca.

Anonymous said...

And now 0bama arrives late for the moment of silence of the G20 leaders. I wish Hollande had told him off and demanded an apology. There are wounded still fighting for their lives in the hospitals but Obama disrespects the dead and dying.

Martin said...

I agree that he is a profound embarrassment to Canada, I never remember being so put off by an international appearance by someone one representing us.
A thoughtful man, or a prudent one, might attempt a low profile at one's first international meeting, especially when you are facing 19 countries opposed to your actions. He doesn't seem capable of such reflection, the only reflection to him is what appears in his mirror.
Odd man out of 20 countries advocating increased military action against ISIS, and he acts like he is still campaigning.
I am interested in foreign reaction to his antics, but over at CBC/CTV the headlines speak only of "selfies". A very sad day for Canada.