Friday, December 14, 2007


CBL has been on a Bali-induced tear recently, ripping away at Al Gore and other AGW fanatics. A short round-up:

Selective interpretation. Last year the warm winter weather was proof positive of looming climate disaster. This year the cold weather is, well ... cold.

AGW = Al Gore Windbag.

Assault on reason. Lemon does a masterful take-down of a fawning review of Gore’s recent book assaulting reason. See also Big Fat Lying Liar.

Impact of Kyoto compared to doing nothing: on global climate - not much; on the global economy - enormous

Al Gore’s ‘carbon-offsets’. What offsets?

Giga-death. By Bjorn Lomborg’s estimates, the number of dead innocents resulting from Kyoto-esque schemes would dwarf the slaughter perpetrated by Stalin and Mao.

Turn your LIGHTS ON for Earth Day. Count me in!

Well done, Brian!


Anonymous said...

I am gretting damn sick of how ignorant people react, when it comes the Environment. Do you negate everything, except what Harper and Baird say..not too intelligent, are we.

Lemon said...

Youre gretting sick??
Well, prove my comments wrong.
Your esteemed leader refuses to debate anyone because he is factually unable.
Are you?

Thanks jr2020