Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free speech in America

In Philly it’s the PHRC:

IT DOESN'T take a six-hour public hearing like yesterday's to know that Geno's Steaks owner Joey Vento and the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission have different approaches to dealing with the city's immigrants.

The commission, which enforces civil-rights laws and mediates inter-group disputes, distributes pamphlets that ask, "Are you a victim of discrimination?" - in even languages.

Vento earns most of his cash selling one thing - cheesesteaks - and he wants you to order in one language. "This is America. When ordering, please speak English."

The sign, he said, posted more than two years ago, is designed to make a political statement and keep the line moving at the world-famous Geno's Steaks.

...a three-person panel heard more than six hours of testimony from witnesses for the HRC, which wants the sign removed, and Vento, who refuses to comply.

Even in America, huh?

Meanwhile, back in Canuckistan - sign the petition:
Stop the HRC

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Canadian Patriot said...

Ridiculous. These Human Rights Commisions are beginning to be a real problem and opponent to common sense.

If they were not to find in his favour, then they are opening a pandoras box.... would this then mean the official languages law is then defacto inequitable?

Come on... where does it end? I think Quebec is on the right track with their reasonable accomodation hearings...we should do the same while we still have a say.