Monday, December 10, 2007

UN IPCC guilty of dishonesty, political tampering

Bill at ‘A Dog Named Kyoto’ posted a great find a couple of days ago. One of Al Gore’s fellow Nobel Peace Prize winners, Lord Monckton, expressed some strong contrary opinions. Writing in the Jakarta Post he rakes the UN IPCC over the coals for its dishonesty and political tampering:

Two detailed investigations by Committees of the House confirm that the IPCC has deliberately, persistently and prodigiously exaggerated not only the effect of greenhouse gases on temperature but also the environmental consequences of
warmer weather.

If we take the heroically stupid decisions now on the table at Bali, it will once again be the world's poorest people who will die unheeded in their tens of millions...

My fellow-participants, there is no climate crisis. The correct policy response to a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing. Take courage! Do nothing, and save the world's poor from yet another careless, UN-driven slaughter.

Read the whole article.


rabbit said...

As I posted over at ADNK, I don't understand how Lord Monckton won the Nobel Peace Prize. I can find no record of him working for the IPCC.

If anyone can explain this, I'm all ears.

JR said...

As I understand it the UN IPCC review process is open to anyone who registers with the IPCC, which Lord Monckton presumably did. He's one of the 2500 or so that the IPCC refers to in its well known claims of "consensus".

Monckton has produced a great deal of analysis of IPCC reports. That he finds fault with them doesn't disqualify him as 'contributor'; hence he's entitled to claim a notional 'share' of the prize.

Adam C said...

Presumably, except that the IPCC publishes lists of all of its reviewers and contributors, and Monckton isn't anywhere to be found.

I don't mind though; I've read lots of IP4 as well, and that Peace Prize is going to look great on my resume.

JR said...

Adam, Isn't that strange. I can't seem to find one of my local claimants to the prize on any IPCC list either. Maybe IPCC 'list' compilers are as just as careless as the IPCC report writers.

And somehow I don't think 'reading' IP4 qualifies one as a 'contributor'.