Friday, December 7, 2007

More ‘human rights’ lunacy

On the front page of my favorite daily today this annoying story was featured. Six school kids in Woodbridge, Ontario, with the help of (big surprise) "Maurice Brenner, a human rights expert"

...are asking the Ontario Human Rights Commission to force their school to launch mandatory lunch-bag inspections to screen out foods to which they have severe allergies...

"Nothing is too much when we're talking about kids' safety," [Brenner] said.

"These kids are frankly frightened -- they're scared to go to school," [Brenner] said. "And nobody should be afraid to go to school." [I don’t suppose Brenner and the little munchkins’ parents had anything to do with scaring the crap out of them.]

So, potentially, we have a new fundamental ‘human right’ in the making - the right to be absolutely safe, at the everyone else’s expense.

One would think that if the little buggers are so deathly afraid of their allergies it would be easy for their parents to teach them not to eat other kids’ lunches, or any other strange or dubious foods. But no, they expect everyone else to guarantee their safety - which is not possible anyway.

The implications of a win for Brenner and the idiot parents are obviously far-reaching. The OHRC, if it has any sense, should refuse to hear this idiotic case.

In general, this represents one more reason to scrap the Human Rights Act and with it the HRCs. They are being used by zealots of all stripes as a Trojan horse (or battering ram) to harass and force loopy ideas on the rest of us.


Vicki said...

Every time an issue such as this comes up I wonder if we are one step closer to the legal prohibition of running with scissors.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it'll be before they either A. Arrest the parents for smoking too much crack. or B. Start a 30 million dollar committy to study the problem and come up with recommendations on how to creat a lunch program funded by Tax payers money to sell Cara food goods in the cafateria and charge parents $1500 a year for their 10 year olds lunch menu of craft dinner, Harveys Hamburgers, and hotdogs... and don't forget the swiss challet rotisery 1/4 chicken dinner with fries on the side.

Annie said...

As an adult with a deadly food allergy, I couldn't agree more with your assessment. It was as a child I learnt to be vigilant and its now second nature to me in my older years.

This is more of the younger generation (and now their children) not taking any responsibility for themselves. It's always someone else's responsibility. Well kiddies.. it's just not that way.

These kids will grow up and expect the world to look after their every whim like their over-protective parents did. And, they are going to be very disappointed.

These parents do these children no favours by not teaching them to live in the real world. See then they get a boss like me that demands they wear appropriate office clothing, demand they start work at a given hour, expect them to fight their own disagreements with their colleagues (I've actually had staff come and whine that another staff member is "picking on them" and they expect me to go solve the problem), and dock pay or fired staff for not showing up to work (because "I didn't feel like coming in" seems to be a popular response). Sigh...

It’s not their fault, they are a result of parents that didn’t have any boundaries or rules and fully expected that society should adapt to suit them.

JR said...

Comments appreciated. Thanks.

Annie, It's certainly good to hear such reasonable opinion from someone who's 'been there.'

Anonymous said...

I have an idea: build a school for all these kids so they can all be together and have an environment totally suited to them... err I wasn't talking about black centered schools either. (real conservative)