Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HRCs and the Muslims versus Maclean's

Mark Steyn weighs in on the Maclean's HR case with links to the HRC complaint documents:

Referring to one complainant, Dr. Elmasry, Steyn says:
Steyn also includes this fine quote from David Warren's recent column on HRCs:
[HRC tribunals] are kangaroo courts, in which the defendant's right to due process is withdrawn. They reach judgements on the basis of no fixed law. Moreover, "the process is the punishment" in these star chambers -- for simply by agreeing to hear a case, they tie up the defendant in bureaucracy and paperwork, and bleed him for the cost of lawyers, while the person who brings the complaint, however frivolous, stands to lose nothing.
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I'm happy for the good doctor to be as Judeophobic and homophobic and Steynophobic as he wants. I'm just concerned to maintain a level playing field for all phobias, and the biggest obstacle to that are these cockamamie Human Rights Commissions which are an abomination to any free society.

I have included the questions the magazine was obliged to answer (within two weeks). They include:
What is the intent of the article?
How did it come about in one of the oldest settled democracies in the world that government agencies were given powers to require a "free" press to justify the "intent" behind a particular article?


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if those who agree with these comments would sign this online petition.

This Macleans situation is a significant test case. If Macleans loses, we really will have a problem in Canada.

JR said...

Thanks. I've just updated this post to link to the petion also.