Monday, December 17, 2007

GHG narcissicism

This graphic makes it obvious.

Canada’s total GHG emissions are about half of China’s annual growth in emissions.
Dion and the Kyoto lobby should get real. Canada ‘setting an example for the world’ is just so much narcissistic feel-good posturing. If Canada disappeared off the map altogether it would make NO difference to global climate.

This is exactly why the Tories think it’s nuts for Canada to sign on to potentially crippling GHG targets while the China’s of the world keep on truckin’.
Of course it’s nuts for anyone to sign on to anything resembling Kyoto targets, anytime. But I’ll accept a compromise for now.

[Cribbed directly from GayandRight]


John M Reynolds said...

But... Canada's per capita is so much higher.... errr. It is not about total reductions, it is a bout per capita reductions...

No, wait, it is that China is still developing, so we have to pay for ... um, our own reductions and they have to be responsible for their own... perhaps using technology that we develop... it is all about guilt because we developed first and started the green house gas emissions though theirs is 10 times our emission levels ...

Awww nuts! I keep forgetting how the AGW believers try to apply logic to such nonsense arguments! So much for playing devil's advocate. I guess I just proved your point.

JR said...

Thanks John.