Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Conrad Black

These guys say it better than I ever could:

Father Raymond de Souza:

Since the outset ... I have believed that the American prosecutors were criminalizing what was essentially a management dispute. After following the trial closely, I was confirmed in that judgment.

Lord Black is a man of words. He is noted for his delight in using them. He devoted his business life to publishing them. He has written millions of them himself, from columns to weighty biographies. He is a man of words. And he would not say he was guilty simply to make life easier, because he respects the words too much. Is that not what a man of his word should do?

Robert Fulford:

In the shadow of the Chicago disaster, it's easy to forget what he's done for Canada. In the 1990s, anybody could tell that Canadian journalism was mediocre, but only Conrad Black did anything about it. ...Unlike nine out of 10 publishers, he was interested above all in making good newspapers, and he asked of his employees only that they care as much about quality as he did.
While six and a half years in a Florida prison will be no picnic, Black will make the best of it. He’ll no doubt go on being at least as productive a writer as before.

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