Sunday, December 16, 2007

Postmodernist multiculti folly

Yesterday, the National Post published the po-mo musings of a pair of U of T academics regarding the Aqsa Parvez honour killing in Toronto.

I’ll address one, professor Emon, who opined:

“... we have an issue of multiculturalism that we need to recognize cuts both ways -- i.e. how do "we" Canada accommodate the "other," and how does the "other" accommodate "our" Canadian values....”
If it is “an issue of multiculturalism”, that’s an unfortunate consequence of our cultural elites’ having promoted multi-culti folly for decades. And if it does “cut both ways” - “our” Canadian part was done when “they” immigrated.

This is how mutual accommodation should happen (adopting Emon’s po-mo manner of expression):

“We” Canada accommodate the “other” by welcoming “them” to Canada thereby affording “them” the opportunity to better “their” lives in “our” free society.

The “other” accommodates Canadian values by observing Canadian laws, official languages, customs and practices and by making a sincere and vigorous effort to assimilate productively.

At the same time, however, since “ours” is a free society, “they” are free to use their ethnic languages, customs and practices so long as they do not violate “our” laws. The same rules, naturally, apply to “us”.

“We” Canada should not be helping “them” to maintain “their” ethnic traditions. That is a private matter. And “we” Canada certainly should not be assimilating to “them”.

Any support that “we” Canada give “them” should be strictly to help them adapt to Canada, foster national unity and bolster “their” identity as Canadians and their loyalty to Canada.

Official ‘government’ policy should be to promote, not multiculturalism, but a unified Canadian identity - a single dynamic, evolving Canadian ‘culture’.

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ERS said...

All this political correctness simply isn't helping. Since when did it become unacceptable to stand for basic human rights? Aqsa was denied hers due to her family's belief in "honor" killing.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"