Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bail out the Big 3?

While the current global economic crisis isn't helping, the Detroit Big 3's problems are much deeper. Here are the 2007 performance figures for the Big 6:

"And of course GM’s CEO just got a 64% raise this year, presumably for the excellent performance."



Frances said...

Given our family 'best' vehicle is a 1988 Honda Accord with a broken driver door handle (string, anyone?) as opposed to the 1995 & 1998 Ford Escorts which are on their last legs, why am I surprised?

Anonymous said...

The "big 3" should be allowed to go into bankruptcy protection. Restructuring is the only way they can even dream about getting back to relevance. Otherwise they SHOULD go under. Yes there will be huge job losses but these are businesses, not social services. If they can't survive then competitors will fill the void they leave.