Sunday, November 16, 2008

Conservatives vote to defang the CHRC

Good news! Dr. Roy reports from the Conservative policy convention about resolution P-203 to defang the CHRC. Stephen Taylor reported that it passed in the plenary vote with Justice Minister Rob Nicholson voting in favour. The resolution reads:

iii) The Conservative Party supports legislation to remove authority from the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal to regulate, receive, investigate or adjudicate complaints related to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
Ezra Levant says that 99% of nearly 2000 delegates voted in favour. Only ten voted against.

That's a big step in the right direction. I wonder how Jennifer Lynch is enjoying her weekend.

In my local rag the CHRC issue is buried in a mid-section article under the headline: "Tories pushed to the right as convention wraps up". Even that's an improvement - it's the first time it's ever been mentioned at all.


hunter said...

A standing ovation when it passed sends a very strong message to the government. Now, we need to get our provincial governments in line.

Anonymous said...

Just this week in Toronto we had a Brazilian female on the radio who has launched a OHRC challenge because she cited the Human Rights code ver-batum that she has the RIGHT to Breast-feed her baby anywhere she wants.

She chose to do it at a Local Pool
and she then affirmed her RIGHT by doing it in the Pool with an exposed breast to all the other children and teens of mixed genders.

Here's the clue for the Scam to get money from a OHRC by inciting a complaint to challenge.
During a phone call she was asked about the Topless beaches back in brazil and if she may have misunderstood our social norms, she then opined that " Oh no...I don't go to THOSE beaches and wouldn't go topless myself ".

Wait a minute....she's offended by bare-breasts in brazil but now demands canadians to accept her bare breast at a local Pool where children have no choice but to view her breast as the baby feeds from the nipple.

I wonder how this Brazillian feels about taking that child to the Pride parade in Toroto to see naked males flaunting their penis to little boys on the route .
Ontario already had a Judge rule that sexual Pride included the RIGHt to walk naked on Yonge Street only in the Pride Parade.

How ironic that BRA is the first part of Brazil. maybe this is a case of BRA-Zeal and not Brazil pride.

JR said...

Yes indeed. Some of the provincial HRCs and Tribunals (like BC's) are worse and may be tougher to defang. Though once Section 13 is repealed (assuming it is) they might be easier to deal with.

As for the Brazillian (-Canadian?) breastfeeder, I have my doubts that Barbara Hall and her band of OHRC morons will have the wits to see through a scam. They're much more likely to award her a wad of cash from the pool operator instead.