Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day - what an Obama victory would mean

I like this from Mark Steyn:

Earlier I wrote that "If you don't want an Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Frank-Acorn supermajority, there's only one way to stop it: Vote." A reader responds:

Okay, but if Obama and the Democrats win, can we at least acknowledge that it's what people do want?

In democratic systems, the people are free to screw up their own societies. An Obama victory would be a tragedy for this country and for the world. It would be a flight to fantasy and delusion, and a repudiation of the animating principles of America. It would also be profoundly unbecoming for the citizenry of a mature republic to vote for therapeutic fatuities like "hope" and "change".

But that is the people's prerogative. The way to forestall such discussions is to get out and run up the numbers.

Don't screw it up, America!


SouthernOntarioan said...

The least we can do is recognize that the American people chose to elect Obama.

After all, simply doing that would make us better than most of the loony left who still refuse to believe that Bush won either of his elections.

JR said...

On the other hand in certain jurisdictions there's good reason to investigate and prosecute fraud - especially where ACORN is involved.