Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Steyn to J-school professor: "heal thyself"

Mark Steyn responds to criticism an accusation from Ryerson J-school Professor John Miller - ending with:
PS I see you bill yourself as "The Journalism Doctor". One hesitates to say "Journalism physician, heal thyself", but that strange leaking coming from your ass is your credibility.

Oh, gee! I just noticed. The above link has "The Journalism Doctor" ranting against Ezra Levant the "sawed-off, ultra-right-wing "Sultan of Shout" and lists yours truly among Ezra's "army of imitators", "Ezra -Lites". I take that as a compliment:) But I'm really not so much an Ezra imitator as I am an admirer, promoter and occasional financial contributor. Go Ezra!

Update (Nov 16): The professor responds. Also.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Just posting a blog on the irony of Miller attacking Mark Steyn, suggesting he should be censored for stating his views.. but if we look back in history, in the mid-90's, when one of Miller's Professors was advocating pedophilia in the classroom, Miller was quick to initially defend him, saying, "anyone who questions Hannon's right to be in the classroom is "homophobic."

Hmm.. so, it's ok not to censor someone who accurately quotes his sources on a subject of intense public interest, but we should give free reign to someone to write, according to the Toronto Sun, 11/14/95..

"I could never understand ... how children's hockey differed from an organized child-sex ring," he wrote in a 1994 essay. "Both involved children and adults. Both involved strenuous physical activity (adult coaches taking the role of the adult lover). Both involved danger. Both involved pleasure. Yet we approve of children's hockey and deplore child-sex rings."

But it shouldn't be just any kind of sex, he qualifies. The child's desires must be considered.

"Penetration, for example, might be of little interest to most children (though I recall watching some pornography in which two 10-year-old boys f...ed each other, apparently with gusto) and we must find some way to balance a child's needs, an adult's needs ...

"It makes good educational sense to push a child's limits, much as we do in sports or academics, by requiring of them things they might at first feel incapable of doing."

John Miller.. champion of free speech.. where the cause is just?

JR said...

Interesting. Prof Miller certainly does have a very "liberal" attitude to free expression - ie. as exemplified by the HRCs, a severe intolerance towards conservative speech.

Unknown said...

Oh cripes, that is Rich.