Thursday, November 27, 2008

Push for the repeal of HRA Section 13

Ezra is pumped about the prospects for getting rid of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act. He urges his readers to write to the Prime Minister. So, I just now sent this off to the PM:

Dear Prime Minister,

The abuse of a basic human right to free expression by so-called "Human Rights" Commissions is an obvious contradiction that cannot be allowed to stand in a free society.

At their recent policy convention in Winnipeg, Conservatives voted nearly unanimously to repeal Section 13 of the Human Rights Act. Professor Richard Moon just finished his report on the Canadian Human Rights Commission and recommended the repeal of Section 13. Nearly every newspaper in the country has written stories and editorials (see recent examples below) condemning "Human Rights" Commissions' use of Section 13 to censor free expression supposedly guaranteed by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of funadamental rights that all parties can and will get behind. It is time for the government to take action to repeal Section 13 and you are urged to move this to the top of your agenda.

Respectfully yours,

Press stories and editorials
Toronto Star editorial.
Op-Ed in the National Post.
The Globe and Mail's
third editorial this year.
tenth editorial or column in the Calgary Herald.
Montreal Gazette for the second or third time.
Ottawa Citizen, the Toronto Sun, the Edmonton Sun, the London Free Press, the Windsor Star, the Metro paper – the daily free newspaper in seven Canadian cities from Vancouver to Halifax.
Brockville Recorder and Times and the Portage Daily Graphic

A similar letter, modified to praise Keith Martin, went to Liberal leadership frontrunner Michael Ignatieff.

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Ted said...

Best explanation (following 2 you tube videos) I’ve seen for the total media blackout of what is the single greatest news event and domestic threat — let’s call it OBAMAGATE — since the outbreak of the American Civil War and for the sincere prayers of the American people that the United States Supreme Court — let’s call it OUR LAST HOPE — now to have the courage to save our great nation as we have come to know it: