Sunday, November 16, 2008

Over-the-top environmentalism

If yesterday’s BC civic elections proved anything it’s that the "green" fad has gone from tedious to downright irritating. I don’t think there was a single candidate out of the 150 or so running for mayor and council in greater Victoria who didn’t use the words sustainable, the environment, green or global warming in campaign literature and/or winners’ acceptance speeches:

The new Victoria mayor, in a CTV interview last night, named his top priorities as "homelessness, transportation and global warming".

My own city’s newly elected mayor declared that his was a "green-friendly" win.

This is nuts! We live in one of the cleanest natural environments on the planet - surrounded by the sea and rain forests. We get three feet of rain dumped on us every year and cleansing winds blow constantly off the ocean. We have abundant hydro electricity and little or no heavy industrial activity. And there’s absolutely no credible sign of "global warming".

The environment can safely go to the bottom of the priority list. There’s no need, beyond pure politics, to have it at the top.


rabbit said...

Forget global warming. How about a proper sewage system rather than just screening it and pumping it into the ocean.

Or is that just too damn obvious?

JR said...

True. That's something Victorians been yapping about for years and doing nothing about. Partly because there are many who think it's environmentally fine the way it is. Whatever the case may be it's way ahead of global warming as an issue.