Friday, November 14, 2008

“The Audacity of Solace ... A Quantum Of Hope”

Daniel Craig, when asked which presidential candidate would make the best 007, replied like any typical show-biz kneejerk lefty:

... ‘Obama would be the better Bond .... McCain ... would probably be a better M, ...‘There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.’

And, as usual, Mark Steyn zeros right in on reality:

Oh, great. John McCain has survived plane crashes, just like Roger Moore in 'Octopussy’. He has escaped death in shipboard infernos, just like Sean Connery in ‘Thunderball’. He has endured torture day after day, month after month, without end, just like Pierce Brosnan in the title sequence of ‘Die Another Day’. He has done everything 007 has done except get lowered into a shark tank and (as far as we know) bed Britt Ekland and Jill St John.

And yet Daniel Craig gives him the desk job.

On the other hand, Barack Obama has spent his entire adult life chit-chatting with "community organizers" and campus lefties – and he’s the last action hero?....

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Anonymous said...

Off the subject,I am not a Conservative, but I do sdmire the picture of that Gorgeous cat..what a beauty!

JR said...

Thank you! The love and admiration of pussy cats transcends all politics:)

Rufus, who is nearly fifteen now, came to us via the Ottawa Humane Society when he was a year old. He's been a pure joy.

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