Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Calgary's breath-taking hypocrisy

Kevin Libin on Calgary street minister, Artur Pawlowski:

For the past six years the city has hit him with injunctions, fines and arrests. ... Police have confiscated his signs and his Bibles.

... He’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, mortgaging his home twice in the process, in legal battles over what he believes is his constitutional right to preach the gospel, and help the needful, on city streets. The city, too, has spent a fortune prosecuting him. He’s long believed the city had a bias against Christians. The fact that the anti-capitalist occupiers have been left to openly flout, for two weeks, many of the same bylaws that he’s been routinely ticketed and arrested for, he says, is proof of it. ...

On The Source today, Ezra Levant asked that we email Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi to express our disgust, dismay and disappointment.


Frances said...

Not to mention that police and bylaw officials have no problem tearing down the unofficial little 'homes' of the homeless in various parks and by waterways every summer. Don't think they're overly careful of the occupants' belongings, either. But then, these are only the 'professional' homeless, not those children of privilege who are sullying various public spaces across Canada and other countries.

JR said...

It's an upside-down world. And there's no excuse for it.